WPI – New Quickstart Commercialization Searches

Save time – Accelerate your Commercialization Process


This new WPI Quickstart your Commercialization  includes Multiple tabs to

  • Edit Entered Text tab showing your entered text that you may edit your text before Extraction its keywords.
  • Click the Search tab and the keywords are extracted from the entered Text and displayed next to the individual search Site Databases for this Subject.
  • Key Sentences Tab and where each input text sentence is Scored using the sum of the keyword Confidence Values for words appearing in each sentence.
  • Increasing or decreasing the Sentence Score Threshold will remove or add sentences below the new threshold from both displays.
  • Clicking the SAVE button on the Key Sentences display replaces the whole input text with the condensed version displayed.
  • SnapShot Report tab lists the Registered User logs of Paid Individual Project Snapshot reports that may be downloaded or the Search tab restored the Staus when that Snapshot was made.
  • Project Report Tab lists
  • All these Tabs appear after you paste or type in search terms or text.

BENEFITS of this new, updated SRF EMBEDDED PARALLEL SEARCH for WPI include:<

— RAPID USER INTERACTION – All Subjects and Databases display immediately and query processing and URL generation all are performed in each user’s browser.

— A default Database Subject for “Patent Search Databases” displays on a single line until the user Pastes in Text – which displays the Edit Input Text tab.

— CLICK the Search Tab and keywords extracted from the input text are displayed next to that Subject’s Search Site Databases.

— Click the Key Sentences tab,

— WPI Library Primo Search is included in each Subject, letting users easily compare WPI Primo search results with other databases using the SAME SEARCH KEYWORDS.

— This WPI example includes 3-Subjects in the menu: Patent Search Databases plus two other Subjects with US Government Databases targeted to WPI users.

— Patent Search uses the same Databases as in your current “Quickstart your Patent Search” plus our SRF Interactive Text service that Students and staff may use to identify the important sentences in any text they copy-and-paste into this web screen.

— Commercialization Search of US Government Databases extends a user’s search beyond WPI Primo results, giving each user more potential competitive and Prior Art information not indexed by WPI Primo!

— Search Real Fast will configure specifically for WPI the number of Subject Groups in your drop-down menu and the particular Search Databases that appear in each Subject Group.

Pete Fenner, President
Search Real Fast

Earlier WPI “Quickstart your Patent Search” and the Gordon LibGuides Patent Resouces – webpages display the Search Databases & Keywords in a separate browser tab which does not show your Entered Text!