15 FREE Express Parallel Demos for Searching beyond Google!

Search Real Fast provides these 15 FREE Express Parallel Search Demos for you to easily see how to Search Beyond Google!


Public Libraries:

University Libraries:

Technology & Patents:

US Federal,  State and Local Governments – .gov & .mil:

US State and Local Governments – Geographic Groups of  STATES and their LOCAL Governments using Google “site:” command:

If you or your Staff REGULARLY SEARCH SEVERAL On-Line Databases for information:

  • Our  Search Real Fast Team can build you a Custom Express Parallel Search box to insert on your website.
  • Your own Custom Parallel Search will save you both time and effort by automatically composing a Google search and the queries to other databases you regularly search, all with one search button click!

See how this Express Parallel Search works. Enter a text description into this demonstration search box and see results from multiple databases queried in parallel.

Express Parallel Demo – Biology Biosciences & Medical Search


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