An Introduction to the Espacenet CPC Class Search Site

Espacenet CPC  Class Search Site:  Example search for carbon fiber fuel tank

The USPTO and many universities, including UT Austin, suggest you identify important keywords by “Brainstorming” your idea for related terms. Then, you go to the USPTO Classification query page and enter the keywords. (For more details on the UT Austin and USPTO process, read the notes at the end of this email)

Now Epacenet makes identifying possible CPC Class assignments for your Patent Application much easier.

Use our Espacent CPC Class Search database in our QUICKSTART Patent Search subject Screens:

  1. “Paste or Type in just 3 or 4  top-level keywords for your idea. More than that may not find any CPC Classes.
  2. Click the Espacenet CPC Class Search button and a number of related CPC Classes will display in a separate browser tab.
  3. This 5-minute video shows how to use the Espacenet CPC Class Class identification Screen.
  4. The video also shows using Analysis Screen to narrow searches to specific classes after a keyword search.