Attract New Business and STEM users to your Public Library

Attract new library card holders – Show them your Online Resources Search results!

  • If a business or STEM user searches your Catalog for “fuel tank repair”  and receives NO RESULTS,  why would they visit your library?

  • Give that person a reason to visit your library – Show them possible subscription database results-Try “fuel tank repair” in this search box:    

  • Help your patrons easily find these search results! Give them a reason to visit your library and get a library card!! 

Put our new Custom Express Public Library Search on your Online Resources Screens.

Each Custom Express Application incorporates five subscriber selected options for each custom Express subscription.

All users see the same Options for each Express Application form.

At the time of your Express Subscription, Search Real Fast sets up each of your Custom Express HTML Search Box Forms with the following Options that you, the subscriber, may choose. These choices are initially set for each different Custom Express you define for your organization, but may be changed from time-to-time by our Search Real Fast staff:

Option 1:  Your Library chooses the number of Database Buttons on your Custom Express Parallel Search from zero (one hidden button) to three buttons. Each button display and searches a different list of our Search Site Databases using the same keywords:

A.  Working  3-Button examples of Single and Triple height text entry search forms:

After you paste or type in text, when you change button selections the same text appears in the entry field.  Even when you return after using one button for a search, the same text remains to use with another button. The Express Demo buttons used for these examples are:

  1. The Public Libraries button selects our Express Parallel Search – Public Libraries demo displays up to 20 keywords, with the top 10 keywords checked. No databases to are automatically sent simultaneously queries.
  2. The Texas Libraries button selects our Express Parallel Search – Texas Libraries demo displays up to 10 keywords, with the top 5 keywords checked, and three databases are automatically sent simultaneously queries.  Results from each query display in a separate browser tab.
  3. The US Government button selects our Express Parallel Search – US Government Top-Level Federated Databases demo displays up to 20 keywords, with the top 10 keywords checked. NO databases are automatically sent queries.

B.  Working  2-button  examples of Single and Triple height  text entry search forms:


  • This example uses the same Public Libraries, and Texas Libraries Express Parallel  Search Demos explained in  above.

C.  Working  No-Button example: “Quickstart your Texas Library Search.”


  • If you do not need button choices, then we put a simple title for this (hidden 1-button) form to say what database searches it performs.
  • For example, this “Quickstart your  Texas Library Search”  box links to our Express Texas Libraries Demo explained  above.

Option 2: You choose the number of top ranked keywords extracted from the user’s input text displayed in each Express Application keywords display screen. This number may vary from five to 20.

Option 3: You choose the number of top keywords selected in Option 2 which are initially checked in each Express keyword display. These checked keywords are sent in any database query, including any initial automatic parallel queries selected with Option 5.

Option 4: You select Search Site Public Databases from our library of over 300 Search Sites to populate the Database list for each Custom Express. You may have from one to 10 search sites displayed in each Express, including any Custom Subscription database connections we configure for your organization.

Option 5: You give us a separate list of 0, 1, 2, 3, or more Search Site Databases names selected in Option 4 for use in each Express to set up as auto-query databases. We will set up these databases in each Express Form to automatically send simultaneous queries (auto-query) using the Option 3 checked keywords.

Each time the Express text entry box SEARCH NOW button is clicked a new Express Application screen is displayed. The auto-queries for selected databases will be automatically to sent those websites and each result screens displayed in a separate browser tab for each database.

Each Custom Express Search is Easy to Use and Preserves Each Library’s subscription database authentication!

Our Express Search builds on the foundation of our “search by example” keyword identification service combined with our new Express Parallel Query Engine. This JavaScript Parallel Query Engine in each user’s browser automatically builds a custom keyword query URL for each database in each Custom Express, including any custom database search site URLs we configure for each of your subscriptions.  We currently offer custom URL database connectors to hundreds of publicly available search sites including over 100 US Government keyword search databases.

Each library’s subscription database URLs may need a specific configuration for that library’s network IP address and subscription database authentication processes for our custom URL queries to display results from these database vendors. We are happy to explain our Search Real Fast features in more detail with any prospective Custom Express customer

For more information please contact Jim Hummel – or call 469-215-5485.

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