Use Google to Target State & Local Governments

Do you know how to use Google to search State and Local Governments?

This  Blog explains how to search Google for State and Local Government entities in EACH OF THE 57 US States and Territories plus Native Sovereign Nations. We will show you the typical way researchers target searches using the government’s top-level domain names by using the Google “site:” search command.

Finally, we will offer an alternative search approach that will save you significant time.


The US Federal, State and Local Governments usually employ these top-level domain names:

  • .gov, .mil, .fed, and .us.
  • Some US Government agencies also use the top-level domains .com and .org.
  • In addition, US Native Sovereign Nations (US Native Indian Reservations) are assigned the domain
  • Second-level domains are also reserved for five U.S. territories: for American Samoa, for Guam, for the Northern Mariana Islands, for Puerto Rico, and for the U.S. Virgin Islands. However, these domains may be unused because each territory has its own reserved country domain: respectively, .as, .gu, .mp, .pr, and .vi.
  • Wikipedia at explains that the. GOV domain is administered by the US General Services Administration:

The U.S. is the only country that has a government-specific top-level domain in addition to its country-code top-level domain. This is a result of the origins of the Internet as a U.S. federal government-sponsored research network.

  • Other countries typically delegate a second-level domain for this purpose. For example, is the second-level domain for the Government of Canada and all sub-domains.
  • Some U.S. federal agencies use .com instead of .gov.
  • The Department of Defense and its subsidiary organisations also use the .mil  and other domains, such as .com and the United States Army’s recruitment website (
  • The US military repeats this pattern for recruitment websites of other branches.

The .us domain is available for anyone in the US, but is mostly used by State and Local Governments:

  • .us is the Internet Country Code top-level domain for the United States.
  • Registrants of .us domains must be United States citizens, residents, or organisations, or a foreign entity with a presence in the United States.
  • Currently, .us is primarily being used by the US state and local government websites within each state.

Google provides the “site:” search command to narrow Google Searches to a particular domain name.

You may Google search just the websites in a particular State by typing your search terms and then append a set of  Google  “site:” command terms to identify a particular State, such as or

Google allows the “site:” terms to be ORed together inside square brackets [] to limit your search to just one State’s “.GOV” and “.US” domains. For example, to search for Alabama State and Local Governments websites, you should enter into your Google search box the following string:

  • Example search terms: [ request proposal insurance broker [ OR OR] ]

All your results from this search should be from just the State of Alabama government websites, including cities and other entities within the State using the .al. or .alabama. second-level domain names.

To assist you in building an individual Google search for each of the  57  US  STATE, TERRITORY, AND NATIVE SOVEREIGN NATION domain names, we list below the detailed “site:” queries for each.

  • We use the Google  “site:” command to narrow each of the following Google searches to just one State, Territory, or Native Sovereign Nation.
  • States are grouped into geographic areas and each of the 57 sites is only in one of these Geographic areas.
  • Just Copy-and-Paste the brackets [site: search terms] for one State into your Google Search box along with your other search keywords. 

IF YOU REGULARLY SEARCH SEVERAL STATES FOR SPECIFIC INFORMATION, a Geographic area search will save you the time and effort of composing a Google or Google Scholar search for each State! TO SAVE TIME – CLICK ON THE LINK embedded in each GEOGRAPHIC Area title. You will be taken to our Search Real Fast – Express Parallel Search for that Group of States.

HERE ARE the Google Search Terms Targeting Each INDIVIDUAL STATE and their LOCAL Government entities:

New England and New York State Local Government Search:

  • Connecticut               [ OR OR]
  • Maine                           [ OR OR or]
  • Massachusetts          [ OR OR  OR]
  • New Hampshire       [  OR OR]
  • New York                    [ OR OR OR]
  • Rhode Island             [ OR OR]
  • Vermont                      [ OR OR OR]

Mid-Atlantic US State and Local Government Search:                                              

  • Delaware                     [ OR OR]
  • District of Columbia        [ OR]
  • Maryland                     [ OR OR]
  • New Jersey                  [ OR OR]
  • Pennsylvania              [ OR OR]
  • Virginia               [ OR OR OR]
  • West Virginia              [ OR OR OR]

Southeast US State and Local Government Search:                                

  • Alabama                     [ OR OR]
  • Florida                        [ OR OR]
  • Georgia                       [ OR OR] 
  • Kentucky                    [ OR OR] 
  • Louisiana                   [ OR OR]
  • Mississippi                [ OR OR]
  • North Carolina         [ OR OR]
  • South Carolina         [ OR OR OR]

Mid-West US State and Local Government Search:

  • Illinois                        [ OR OR]
  • Indiana                       [ OR OR] 
  • Iowa                             [ OR OR]
  • Michigan                    [ OR OR]
  • Minnesota                  [ OR OR]
  • Missouri                      [ OR OR]
  • Wisconsin                   [ OR OR  OR]

Northern Plains US State and Local Governments Search:

  • Colorado                    [ OR OR]
  • Kansas                        [ OR OR]
  • Montana                     [ OR OR]
  • Nebraska                    [ OR OR]
  • North Dakota            [ OR OR]
  • South Dakota            [ OR OR]
  • Wyoming                    [ OR OR] 

Southwest US  State and Local Governments Search:

  • Arizona                       [ OR OR]
  • Arkansas                     [ OR OR]
  • Louisiana                    [ OR OR]
  • New Mexico               [ OR OR]
  • Oklahoma                   [ OR OR]
  • Texas                            [ OR OR]

Western US State and Local Governments Search:

  • Alaska                           [ OR OR]
  • California                    [ OR OR]
  • Hawaii                          [ OR OR OR ]
  • Idaho                             [ OR OR OR] 
  • Nevada                          [ OR OR]
  • Oregon                          [ OR OR OR]
  • Utah                                [ OR OR OR]
  • Washington                 [ OR OR OR] 

US Territories & NSNs with Local Governments Search:

  • American Samoa             [ OR OR OR]
  • Guam                                    [ OR OR OR OR]
  •  Puerto Rico                        [ OR OR OR]
  • Virgin Islands                    [ OR OR OR OR]
  •  Northern Mariana Islands          [ OR OR]
  •  US Native Sovereign Nations     [ OR]


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  • Just type or paste – adverse drug reaction reports  – or your own keywords or text into this search box.
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