Hurst Texas Legal CODES Search saves Officer’s Time!!

Hurst City, Texas State, and Federal Legal CODEs Search makes your Law Enforcement Officers more Efficient

Our Hurst, TX Government Code Search is Private, Saves Clicks, and Creates PDF Snapshot Reports:

CLICK HERE to download a Quick Search web page you keep in you browser

  • SRF Hurst, TX Government Code Search is a single search box that simultaneously queries Hurst City, Texas State, and US Government Codes and Regulations.
  • Private – All SRF search activity is performed by our JavaScript code in each user’s browser communicating directly with search databases, not our web server!
  • SRF Quickstart service automatically searches all user-selected databases with the same user-entered keywords s.

Minimize Search Clicks – Provide a single search box to simultaneously search multiple databases using the same keywords

  • Most Officers use separate Google searches to find relevant Hurst and TEXAS Code web pages.
  • An officer needs 4-5 clicks to scan or read the different City and State CODE web pages!
  • Give Officers a SINGLE search screen to enter keywords once to simultaneously search multiple Code web pages.

Officers use a Snapshot Report to Document search keywords and database results:

  • Snapshot Reports allows users to print PDF status reports to document all search keywords and CODE databases searched.
  • Clicking the URL links in a Snapshot Report will show the current TEXAS CODE search results using those search keywords.
  • Officers and Staff use their Snapshot Reports to formally document their search activity.

Give your users organized access to hundreds of free Public and Government database websites:

  • Our SRF website shows over 500 current Public search site URL connectors we have organized into Fields of Study.
  • These databases include URL connectors to over 100 US Government websites.
  • The US Government publishes thousands of new documents every month with information critical to businesses, law, science, and technology.

Help your Officers and Staff  see  the scope of public information available with Search Real Fast!

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