Embed this Quickstart Search in your LibGuides Subject Pages

This intuitive, single-line Quickstart Search allows your users to easily search your important Public, Patent, and US Governments Databases listed in your LibGuides – Perticularly those not searched by your Library’s Catalog or Discovery services.

With a single click, a user may search all user-selected databases with the same search terms.

BENEFITS of this Embedded Quickstart Search include:

— SINGLE LINE SEARCH SCREEN embedded on each LibGuides Page for initially occupies only a single vertical row on each user displayed LibGuides page until that user selects a Subject Area.

— RAPID USER INTERACTION – Subject Menus, Database Search information, and processing code and data is stored in each user’s browser at the time that host page is downloaded to their browser.

— QUICK RESPONSE – Each user’s Database search requests are composed in their browser, sent directly to that database, and database results are returned directly back user’s browser.

— Using the same keywords simultaneously search all your Library’s resources inclining your Catalog or Discovery service.

— Each Quickstart search box for your Public and US Government Databases on that page but not indexed by your Library’s Catalog of Discovery service.

— When selected, A Subject’s database list is inserted in displayed LibGuides web page with your web page content displayed below that Database display.

— Each Quickstart may include custom buttons with links to your Information web pages including a custom Group Registration web page where your user register for our service.

For Group, OEM, and Library subscribers Search Real Fast will custom configure the number of Subject Areas in your drop-down menu List and the collection of Search Databases that appear in each Subject Area List.

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