Deliver Secure Multi-database Federated Search to each User’s Browser

Let your users simultaneously search your Subscription Databases while maintaining your security and vendor Copyright protection.

Embed our browser-based SRF Express Parallel Search Box on your website to preserve EACH USER’S security and authentication while that user’s browser simultaneously searches multiple subscription databases.

Our economical browser-based  SRF Express Parallel Search engine puts a federated search process into each authenticated user’s browser to preserve all your security.

Our JavaScript based Express Parallel Search Engine in each user’s browser automatically builds unique, secure URL query connectors in each browser to simultaneously search multiple databases using each user’s keywords and your vendor’s authentication string for that user.

Each user’s browser builds all the query processing and sends each search URL directly to the vendor’s database server. Each database returns its results screen directly to that user’s browser and is displayed in a separate browser tab.

Search Real Fast’s administration processes predefine each Library’s Express Parallel subscription and your Search Site database connections that preserve each library user’s access and log-in restrictions and authentications for each of your subscription databases.

SRF Express Search is built on the foundation of our browser-based Parallel Query Engine:

  • Our Parallel Query Engine is JavaScript code and data that executes in each user’s browser after the SRF Express application or Virtual Tab is downloaded from our Search Real Fast web-servers to their browser.
  • Each user’s browser automatically builds a complex, keyword query URL connector for each database selected by that user for their Express searches.
  • Each subscription database has a unique custom search URL that includes the unique authentication string for your organization’s or library’s users to access each subscription web server.
  • The JavaScript code and URL templates for each Library’s Express Parallel search are downloaded to a user’s browser when your custom Express Search Application or Virtual Tab screen is opened.
  • Each authenticated user’s browser  builds a unique query URL that is sent directly to each database server .
  • Each database server’s search results are returned directly to that user’s browser for display in a separate browser tab or window.
  • Neither the query URL nor the returned Public or Subscription results information passes through our Search Real Fast servers.
  • Only the requesting user’s browser displays a copy of the search results from each queried database using that vendor’s faceted search results screen.
  • Search Real Fast staff builds and maintains the connection template parameters for each library’s public and copyrighted subscription databases URLs.
  • Each Library’s subscription database search site uses a custom configured authentication URL  parameter string to identify each library.
  • Each Library’s SRF Express queries are logged for each search site and  ONLY ASSOCIATED with that particular library, not the individual user.
  • A PDF Snapshot Report documents each user’s current web database query URLs.

Our Parallel Search Engine runs in each user’s browser. Each user’s browser code automatically builds and sends URL search queries directly to each active database. Each query URL  includes your library’s unique authentication information for your subscription database. Search Real Fast preserves your library’s authentication processes and those of your subscription database vendors to protect your copyrights.