Group Custom SRF Express Parallel Search FORM Configuration Options

Each Custom Group SRF Express embedded Search FORM incorporates  Subscriber selected Options that all users who view that Virtual Tab Form will see.

At the time of your Subscription, Search Real Fast sets up each of your Custom SRF Express Parallel Search forms with information you provide in the following Steps:

Step 1:  After your organization subscribes to SRF Express Parallel Search services under some mutually agreed Service Plan:

  • Search Real Fast will set up a GROUP registration login page for your organization where your staff may log in to access your corporate features using their  company email address and personally selected password as authentication.
  • You provide a list of the staff members and their company email address you wish to have access to all your SRF Express Features (Activity logs, current FORM information, etc.)
  • Our Search Real Fast staff will then:
    • Set up our standard SRF registered user username – password authentication process for your Organization.
    • Set up a login record for each of the identified staff members using their company email address as their username and provide each person with an initial random password they may later change.
    • We will send each staff member an email with their embedded registration verification link.
    • Each of your staff will click this link in their email to complete their registration.
    • After each of your staff members clicks their registration link and logs into our website, then in the My Account tab, they may change their password.
  • Search Real Fast will provide you with a Registration Document (or an on-line form) where you may define each of your  SRF Express Virtual Tab FORMS  you plan to use. [See separate Word Group SRF Express Search Information FORM.]

Step 2: You the Subscriber, defines a Group Name for each of your SRF Express Virtual Tabs:

  • This Group Virtual Tab Name that will APPEAR ON THE  DISPLAYED Express Parallel Search if you so choose.

Step 3: Choose the number of Subjects on each custom Express Virtual Tab From from one to 8-Subjects that will display in your Express Virtual Tab similar to next screenshot:

  • Each Subject shows a different custom list of Search Site databases your library chooses in Step 5.
  • Choose from a 1-Subject up to 8-Buttons for different lists of databases display lists, for example, Texas Libraries.
  • A user pastes or types in the search terms in the Express Search box OR the search terms are “imported” from your library catalog search box.
  • Then the user clicks any database “Search” to get results for that database displayed in a separate browser tab..
  • Each set of the displayed  databases for a Button (or FORM) is searched using the same keywords.
  • When you change Subjects selections the same text appears in search terms entry field.
  • Even when you return after using one button for a search, the same text remains to use when another button is selected.
  • See a working SRF Express Virtual Tab at 

Step 4: Choose a Display Title for each of your Buttons to show in the display of this FORM. For example:

  • The Texas Libraries Subject selects our Express Parallel Search – Texas Libraries Databases FORM display with Seven databases, three already selected with check-marks.
  • The US Government Subject selects our Express Parallel Search – US Government Top-Level Federated Databases FORM display.
  • The Patent Search Subject selects our Express Parallel Search – Tech & Patents Databases FORM display.
  • The other buttons are also Search Real Fast examples Database FORM displays.

Step 5:  You select the Search Site Databases that will be listed in the FORM for each Subject including whether its Parallel Search Checkbox is checked:

  • You may select from one to 10 search sites from our Public Databases or any custom Subscription Database Search Site connections we configure specifically for your organization.
  • You tell us which Search Site Databases to include in each Subject FROM Display with the Title you selected in Step 3.
  • You specify to  auto-query databases we will set up in each SRF Express Virtual Tab FORM display with its box automatically checked.
  • The Checked Database boxes are automatically send simultaneous queries (auto-query) using the search keywords when the SEARCH ALL CHECKED button is clicked.
  • Each time a “SEARCH ALL CHECKED” button is clicked, search requests are automatically sent to each checked database and their results screen are displayed in separate browser tabs.
  • User browsers with “pop-up blockers” enabled show ONLY ONE Tab of results for automatic, simultaneous searches of multiple databases.
  • To see parallel search results you must either disable the pop-up blocker OR “white-list” each checked database URL in your browser pop-up blocker.

PLEASE NOTE: Current SRF Express demonstration applications, such as Texas Libraries, show a pop-up after each user executes 8-searches a pop-up asks the user to enter an email address to continue using the express Demo Application.

Businesses, Libraries, Groups, an Individuals who Subscribe to any SRF Express Service will this pop-up window disabled.


Pete Fenner