Drive Businesses to your Library with Public WorldCat Search Results

Want to attract more local businesses to get your library card?

Stop hiding the broad scope of your subscription database information from your viewers outside your library!

What if a business needs to find current information on  “small business health insurance” and entered these terms into your on-line Catalog search from outside your library, what would they see?

Would a business person want to visit your library to get a card if your Catalog shows NO RESULTS for these search terms?

Your library has lots of resources to help your local businesses and residents with health insurance! You are hiding them in your subscription databases and even your existing library card holders likely do not know how to find this information on your website!

  • Increase your online presence!
  • Give local businesses a reason to visit your library to get a library card.
  • Show businesses and residents WorldCat results and other public search results that may exist in your subscription databases.
  • Let all your website visitors see the scope of what you offer!

Here is an AUTOMATIC way for your library to display WorldCat Public SEARCH results for the same terms used in YOUR Catalog search. ion while allowing on-line users to search with the terms like:“small business health insurance”

Here is how this unique solution works.

Your website visitor enters search terms such as “small business health insurance” into our SRF Express search box. When they click Search, they will see three new browser tabs open, including WorldCat, and OverDrive and the Richardson Public Library Catalog resutls screens:

This public WorldCat screen will lead local businesses into your library to get a library card.

To see current information on a subject like “small business health insurance”, you need to narrow these initial Public WorldCat results to just 2017 or 2018.

In the left column of this Public WorldCat screen, under Year select 2017. These initial results immediately reduce from several thousand down to just over 100  published in 2017. Click All years and the results will automatically expand back to the original number. To identify the eBooks available in 2017, click the eBooks box near the top of the left column under Books.

WorldCat Narrowed Results Screen for just 2017 and eBooks

WorldCat Narrowed Results Screen for just  eBooks Published in 2017

Just click on one of these results documents to see what local libraries have access to that document.

When you click on the first document of these WorldCat results, the overview screen for that document displays. Below the overview is the “Find Libraries” section listing local libraries who have access to the document. When a viewer clicks on the Small Business Health Fairness Act of 2017 report, they see the following screen with the local libraries that have access to this document:

Example WorldCat Document Display Page Feb 2018

By offering automatic Public WorldCat and other public subscription database results, YOU HIGHLIGHT that your Library has much more than just what your Catalog reveals. You convey this idea even if your library does not have access to a  particular document!

As WorldCat explains:  “Data about library collections, which house some of the most authoritative and unique resources in the world, is difficult to share directly from (your) independent library catalogs. The collaborative nature of WorldCat helps libraries take advantage of linked data opportunities to lessen their workloads and to increase their online presence…”

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