Accelerate your Search to find US Government Information?

Google and other search engines can’t find much of the information in the databases hidden behind HTML Forms such as search boxes that access SQL and other Databases!

Google offers this explanation on their Help pages:

Google, like most search engines, is text-based. This means that Googlebot can’t read text included in images or in most rich media files other than Flash files, or pages that are hidden behind JavaScript or require sign-in. Making sure your content is text-based and readable helps make it more accessible to humans and Googlebot.

Much of the information and data our US Government publishes each week is not indexed by Google and other search engines because it is accessed using HTML Forms and Federated search techniques.  To be fair, some US Government websites use either the Google or Bing custom search services to make that information available in their US Government search pages.

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The vast majority of all US government sites do NOT use either Google or Bing search services and most search engines do NOT INDEX  the majority of this US Government information.

Using just Google or Bing search services you may miss important information critical to your project!

Let me illustrate this Google and Google Scholar limitation with a particular example comparing results for 10 of our US Government Top-Level Federated Sites including Google and Google Scholar limited to just domains using .gov or .mil.

  • fuel – carbon – fiber – composite – tank

Click each database name to see the current results screen for each search – Please note, the number of results you see when you click one of these links may be different from the results we listed from the time we composed this blog. THESE SITES ARE ALWAYS INDEXING NEW INFORMATION, so their results change over time:

As you can see, Google Scholar for US Gov search found 981 documents while regular Google for US Gov returned only 264,000 documents but decided that only 34 of them were unique and the rest were similar to one or more of the 34.   These Google and Google Scholar results documents are found mostly on Dept of Energy and NASA websites  while  the DoE federated search site – – includes the DoE, NASA, and many other US plus over a hundred Foreign Government scientific search sites.

The results just highlight our point! is a newer,  Dept. of Energy managed, federated search engine that ranked the top 1,231 documents out of 221,000 documents from 106 global databases containing these five keywords.

These differences in the number of results just show that what Google says about their Googlebot search engine is true – they do not index the US or other Government information hidden behind search box HTML Forms!

Search beyond Google – Parallel Search specific US Governemt databases for FREE:

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