SRF Express Virtual Tab puts Parallel Search into your Website

SRF Express Parallel Search working demo – Enter search terms, check several databases, and then “Search all Checked” :

SRF Express Virtual Tab Search offers major benefits:

Now you can offer one simple search box to search both a library’s catalog and their critical subscription databases without the expensive in-house development and maintenance of a federated or API-based search product.

Search Real Fast understands the technological challenge in developing, installing and supporting a low-cost subscription database search interfaces. Our Express Virtual Tab allows your users to simultaneously search their databases using the same search terms.

Lower Development and Support Costs

SRF Express lowers your company’s development and support costs because we do these tasks for you! You may offer our inexpensive Express browser based Federate or Discovery-like service where we build and routinely test each authenticated database connector to each of your customer’s subscription databases.

New Revenue Stream

Our reseller pricing offers a you volume discounts and a potential new revenue stream. We charge just one monthly fee for each different, unique Search Site Database connect  regardless of the number of different websites or Express Search Virtual Tabs thause each connector. Public Database Search connectors may be reused across all your customers for one price.

Browser-based JavaScript Search Execution

SRF Express provides a browser-based single search box for simultaneous search of multiple Public and Subscription databases as demonstrated in the demo.

Minimize website hit-limits 

Using JavaScript Browser-based Express search to build query URLs minimizes “hit-limits”and “robot.txt” file issues.  Many Public Database  employ “query or hit-limits” for each user connection to prevent automated access.  When many users’ search requests are funneled through a server based federated search to a database,  your server connection may quickly reach that website query-limit.  In addition, many US Government and other Public databases employ robot.txt files to advise search engines not to index their pages. By putting the SRF Express federated search operations into JavaScript in each user’s browser,  we give each the full hit-limit while preserving each user and groups Subscription database authentication.

Just add SIX lines of HTML code to a web page

<h1>SRF Express Parallel Search working demo:</h1>
<textarea id=”search”>&nbsp;</textarea>
<div id=”extgui”></div>
<script src=””></script><script>srf.load({ searchfield: ‘search’ });</script>

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To discuss how SRF Express Virtual Tabs may benefit your company, please contact Jim Hummel or call 469-215-5485.