How Search Real Fast uses Free Patent Search Databases to find Licensee Prospects

During the  AUTM Webinar – “Building a Results-driven Marketing Program” on April 7, 2020  – Todd Keiller, Director of WPI Office of Technology Commercialization outlined this actual Project for finding potential licensees.  These 2-videos overviews the steps Pete Fenner, President of Search Real Fast used to find licensees prospects for this actual WPI – OTC project example:

  • The WPI Office of Technology Commercialization has a portfolio of 13 older US Patents available for licensing –  Most were licensed to now failed startups.
  • WPI – OTC asked Pete Fenner to help identify companies with similar IP from a list of 8 initial WPI Patents.
  • Pete Fenner is a WPI graduate and a member of the  WPI-OTC’c Technical Advisor Network and also President of Search Real Fast.
  • Find license prospects and identify reasons each prospect will gain value by licensing your patented technology.
  • At the same time, we identified more potential WPI Patents available for licensing in this technology area.
  • These 2-examples overview using Free  Public Patent Databases Google Patents and,

PART – 1   Using Free Google Patents to find Licensee ProspectsCheck out this Video

This 8-minute video gives you an overview of our initial licensee search steps:
  • We start using the Google Patents for this WPI US’s Patent 9,414,753 – One of a group of  Patents previously licensed by WPI to 3-failed start-ups.
  • On this Google Patents screen we point out the CPC Class for this patent ‘753  is A61B5/02405 that covers Detecting, measuring, or recording for diagnostic purposes”.
  • This Class will be used with Database in video 2 to further focus on WPI and porspective licensee’s relevant portfolios.
  • Next, we examine the Patent history of each Invertor of this inial  ‘753 patent to see if they contributed inventions to subsequent organizations after they left WPI.
  • The first Inventor was Chi H. Chon who was at SUNY before going to WPI and his last US Patent filings were assigned to UCONN.
  • The second Inventor was Nandakumar Selvaraj who left WPI and filed one patent for UNISYS and then moved on to Vital Connect where he co-invented about a dozen patents. This identified Vital Connect as a potential licensee.  We suggest you print a PDF for this Inventor’s Google Patent screen and save it in your Project file.
  • In addition,  this Goggle Patents ‘753 screen shows that 25 other issued US patents reference this WPI ‘753 patent.  The owners of those patents may also be licensee prospects.
  • We suggest you copy this 4-column list of Patents Citing the ‘753 Patent into an Excel spreadsheet for future analysis.

PART – 2  Using LENS.ORG Search and Analytics to find Licensee Prospects Check out this Video

Watch this  15-minute PART – 2 video:
  • First, we use Database to display all WPI’s Patents in this technology area A61B5
  • Then use that  WPI Patents Database screen also dispaly one potential Licensee’s  patents in this same technology area.  By ordering the screen display in Filing Date order – oldest to newest dataes – you can see the relative filing time history of both sets of patents.
  • Using the Analytics screen for the same patents set, you see a scatter plot of the number of subsequent patents that referenced these WPI and Licensee Patents.
  • The WPI – OTC then uses LinkedIn to discover the current employer of a  co-inventor of two of these WPI Patents.
  • One inventor is now working at a second company in this technology area. Contacting this inventor started a licensing dialog.

AUTM Small TTOs SIG Members may contact me for free help employing free patent search sites for a similar project that you will allow Search Real Fast to use for one of our Customer video blogs. You will have the final approval of the video before we publish it on our web site.

Note all Database Search operations are free.  We only charge for Snapshot Reports and Custom Subject Database lists configured to speed your workflow. Your Custom Database list with your selected individual database choices will appear in your Subject list after you log into Search Real Fast. You only pay for each Custom Subject list of Databases your organization uses. For example, a Custom list of  Public and Subscription databases your organization uses regularly.

Just email me at to discuss our services or your project.

Pete Fenner, Founder & President

Near Future Video – Using Espacenet CPC Class Search,  and Free Search Real Fast QUICKSTART features to Identify Potential Licensees and their prior art for Invention Disclosures.