Increase your Productivity – Parallel Search Business and Financial Information Websites

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Save Time & Money by simultaneously searching your important business information and subscription websites with the same set of keywords.

your SUBSCRIPTION news services like the Wall Street Journal, CNNMoney, Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, Forbes, and other critical business news and information database sources. Search Real Fast will build custom Search site Database connectors for your business to give you cost-effective, individual-authenticated, secure direct access to your subscription and proprietary Databases.

Our SRF Embedded QUICKSTART-2 Search easily integrates with your existing website pages and gives you, your workers, and customers these benefits:

    1. Minimizes clicks for Users to search multiple databases in each Subject List of Database using the same keywords.
    2. Search results from EACH Database appear in a separate Browser Tab using that Database’s FACETED SEARCH RESULTS PAGE.
    3. Allows personalized PDF Project Snapshot Reports to document each User’s search results at any given time.
    4. Results are always CURRENT – Clink a URL link in this PDF SNAPSHOT REPORT will search that database USING THE REPORT’S KEYWORDS and return the CURRENT SEARCH RESULTS!
    5. Search Real Fast custom configures your targeted Subject lists and the Databases listed in each of those lists to deliver working targeted search embedded in your web pages.

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