Free Patent Database Research Solution

Business executives, you need to protect your innovative ideas and will usually engage a quality patent attorney.

Search Real Fast saves money by giving you some preliminary Patent Research and Description Editing to clearly describe your product ideas before engaging a patent attorney.

QUICKSTART- Parallel search Free Patents Online, Google Patents,, and USPTO, and many other databases –

Paste or Type up to 5000 words and ENTER to select your “Keywords” and simultaneously Search your selected Databases:

See how our simple Express-2 Parallel Search SAVES YOU TIME

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Search Real Fast uses Statistical Likelihood Testing to identify “important words” that appear together with other “important words” in the same sentences of your input text.

The 20 highest confidence value “important words” are return in our Search Keyword Grid for you to select for a search.  We automatically build search query URL strings to each Database you choose to search using your selected search words.

Your entered text is displayed in the Key Sentences tab, where we computed each Sentence’s Score using the sum of the confidence values of each Search Keyword that appears in that sentence.

Use the Results Analysis tab to compare your entered Original Text Description with a second New Text you enter on the upper right-hand side:

Search Real Fast allows you to keep up with your current area of expertise and communicate any critical updated information to your staff and attorney using our SRF Custom Snapshot Reports.