Minimize User Keystrokes & Clicks – Try Express-V4 Patent Search

SRF Express Parallel Search minimizes your keystrokes and clicks needed to see search results for different database

When you want to search another database using the exact keywords, you must go to a different search screen for each database and then paste -in or type the exact keywords again. Many users give up their search in frustration after four or five clicks!

With our SRF Express-V4 Parallel Search Box and Fields of Interest Databases, you avoid all those excess clicks.

  • Express-V4  Field of Interest lists each included database with it own Search button to quick each with a single click.
  • In addition, you may check the left checkbox for multiple database Parallel queries using the single “Search All Checked” button.
  • Search Result for each Database queried is displayed in a separate browser tab using that Database’s faceted search results web page.
  • You use the “Compare Files” tab to create a Scored  Sentences CSV  of all the text sentences in the multiple document files you selected.
  • Import that Scored Sentences CSV file into a Spreadsheet Table and use Filters and Pivot Tables to identify sentences in documents containing multiple keywords.

Express-V4.2 New Parallel Search for Patent and Technology Databases

Try it now – Paste in some keywords or descriptive text and click ENTER:

[This JavaScript express-V4 needs the script-src = expression corrected to display srf-express-v4.2 – This is an SRF-controlled web page source Mike tells me I can use this embedded JS Fields of Study  library and database lists. ]

This Unique, Simple, and Cost-Effective search solution offers each user a browser-based authenticated front-end parallel search tool for individual or simultaneous search of each Database.

We give each user a single search screen to enter keywords. Then our Express Parallel search screen automatically displays the keywords and lists the Active Databases. With a single click, the user may simultaneously send queries to every Active Database directly from their browser.

Our Express Parallel Search is Easy to Use and

Our Library Express Parallel Query Engine automatically builds a custom, complex, keyword query URL for each database and sends that URL  directly to that database server. We offer custom URL database connectors to hundreds of publicly available search sites, including over 100 US Government keyword search databases. We organize these database connectors into common subject areas called  “Fields of Interest”.

  • One significant advantage of our Express-V4 Parallel Query Engine is each user sees results for each database in a separate tab that displays the dynamic, faceted results screen that vendor has created for THEIR users.
  • Each vendor’s results screen is tuned to narrow or broaden their results to target your needs quickly.
  • Each vendor’s Faceted Results screens in separate tabs allow you to easily identify the most valuable databases for each search project!
Each database is searched with the exact keywords USING YOUR CUSTOM  EXPRESS PARALLEL SEARCH SCREEN:

[Update this General Search to Express-V4.2 with all SRF Fields of Study. Kept this JS code for Express-V2 because it works to use as a reference while I am updating the relevant blog to express-v4.2 ]


Our Express-v4 Parallel search can provide your Organization with a Custom Search Form you put on your website.

Search Real Fast provides each library with a custom Express HTML or Virtual Tab Search FORM that includes a unique identifier for your Organization’s subscription users. Your webmaster or Web service vendor can easily embed this HTML Search Box or JavaScript Virtual Tab FORM into your selected web page locations. You may change the size of this search box or Virtual Tab Form and replace our logo to meet your Organization’s standards.

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