Are you aware that search engines index less than 10% of all web information?

Google, Bing and other search engines do not index information hidden behind HTML forms such as search boxes and logins.

Search Real Fast automatically builds and sends custom HTML form queries using your keywords to databases that use these forms.

Would a list of keyword suggestions save you time?

PASTE IN YOUR DESCRIPTIVE TEXT and Search Real Fast statistically computes the 20 most relevant keywords from the text you paste in the search box.

QUICKLY FIND the databases most useful in your technology area in this list of our current Fields of Study. Click on any field name and you can see the current databases for which we automatically build complex query strings using your keywords.

Fields of Study Accessible to Subscribers

3D CAD Design & Printing

Academic Search - Books, Journals & Databases

Aerospace Engineering

Animals & Agriculture

Architectural & Structural Engineering

Biological & Chemical Sequences

Biology & Biosciences

Business News & Publications

Business, Management and Law

Chemistry & Chemical Engineering

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Computer Science & Engineering

Data & Statistics - Commerce

Data & Statistics - Energy & Transportation

Data & Statistics - Finance

Data & Statistics - Food & Agriculture

Data & Statistics - International

Data & Statistics - Medical, Heath & Safety


Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Energy & Fuels

Environmental Studies & Engineering

Finance & Banking

Fire Protection Engineering

General Global Search Engines

Geology & Earth Sciences

Google State & Local Government Search

  • Google for Alabama - .GOV and .US
  • Google for Alaska - .GOV and .US
  • Google for American Samoa - .GOV and .US
  • Google for Arizona - .GOV and .US
  • Google for Arkansas - .GOV and .US
  • Google for California - .GOV and .US
  • Google for Colorado- .GOV and .US
  • Google for Conneticut - .GOV and .US
  • Google for Delaware - .GOV and .US
  • Google for District of Columbia - .GOV and .US
  • Google for Florida - .GOV and .US
  • Google for Georgia - .GOV and .US
  • Google for Hawaii - .GOV and .US
  • Google for Idaho - .GOV and .US
  • Google for Illinois - .GOV and .US
  • Google for Indiana - .GOV and .US
  • Google for Iowa - .GOV and .US
  • Google for Kansas - .GOV and .US
  • Google for Kentucky - State & Local Search
  • Google for Louisiana -.GOV and .US
  • Google for Maine - .GOV and .US
  • Google for Maryland - .GOV and .US
  • Google for Massachusetts - .GOV and .US
  • Google for Michigan - .GOV and .US
  • Google for Minnesota - .GOV and .US
  • Google for Mississippi -.GOV and .US
  • Google for Missouri - State & Local Government Search
  • Google for Montana - .GOV and .US
  • Google for N. Mariana Islands - US Territory
  • Google for Nebraska - .GOV and .US
  • Google for Nevada - .GOV and .US
  • Google for New Hampshire - .GOV and .US
  • Google for New Jersey - .GOV and .US
  • Google for New Mexico - .GOV and .US
  • Google for New York - .GOV and .US
  • Google for North Carolina - .GOV and .US
  • Google for North Dakota - .GOV and .US
  • Google for Ohio - .GOV and .US
  • Google for Oklahoma - .GOV and .US
  • Google for Oregon - .GOV and .US
  • Google for Pennsylvania - .GOV and .US
  • Google for Puerto Rico - .GOV, .US, and .pr
  • Google for Rhode Island - .GOV and .US
  • Google for South Carolina - .GOV and .US
  • Google for South Dakota - .GOV and .US
  • Google for Tennessee - .GOV and .US
  • Google for Texas - .GOV and TX.US
  • Google for US Native Sovereign Nation - NSN.GOV and NSN.US
  • Google for Utah - .GOV and .US
  • Google for Vermont - .GOV and .US
  • Google for Virgine Islands - .VI .GOV and .US
  • Google for Virginia - .GOV and .US
  • Google for Washington - .GOV and .US
  • Google for West Virginia - .GOV and .US
  • Google for Wisconsin - .GOV and .US
  • Google for Wyoming - .GOV and .US
  • Google Scholar for Texas .GOV & .US

Humanities & History

Information & Library Sciences

Interdisciplinary & Global Studies

Legal and Legislative Publications

Manufacturing & Industrial Engineering

Mathematical Sciences

Mechanical & Structural Engineering

Metallurgy, Materials, Ceramics & Composites

Natural & Applied Sciences

Networks & Telecommunications

Patent Search Free Databases

Patent Search Subscription Databases

Patent Support Services

Project Funding Sources

Public & University Library Collections

Public and Personal Health

Publishers - Books & Journals

Social Science & Policy

Trade & Commerce


University & Research Sharing Services

University Technology for License

US Government Data & Statistics - Commerce Related

US Government Data & Statistics - People Related

US Government Energy & Transportation R&D

US Government Enforcement

US Government Federated Top-Level Sites

US Government Publications

US Government Regulations & Standards

US Government Technology R&D

Writing, Journalism & Publishing

Search Real Fast Delivers Great Value to Universities

Search Real Fast is designed to stimulate research and entrepreneurial excellence at your University.

  • Do your researchers spend a lot of time trying to identify the best keywords?
  • Do your researchers have to learn all of the unique search syntax for each different search database that they use?
  • Do your researchers have to manually track (i.e. with spreadsheets) all of their search histories to evaluate the different keyword combinations and different databases?

Search Real Fast resolves each of these issues – by automating each one of them.

Whether or not a university has a formal Technology Transfer Office (TTO), Search Real Fast offers unique value to the entire process of research and commercialization.

  1. Search Real Fast can save a university hundreds or perhaps thousands of dollars on each research (idea) disclosure.
  2. Search Real Fast can increase the depth and breadth of research accompanying each new disclosed research idea.
  3. Search Real Fast can help increase the number and quality of new research ideas being disclosed.
  4. Search Real Fast is so automated that students and faculty can use it for prior-art research with little or no training. Over 70 WPI students have used Search Real Fast to conduct effective prior-art searches for their projects!

"The students are doing such a good job searching using Search Real Fast; I don’t have to do any preliminary prior-art searching myself!" - Todd Keiller, Director of Intellectual Property & Innovation at Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

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Most universities struggle with poorly written disclosures and limited researcher engagement in the formal process of turning your researcher ideas into a commercial success.

The following video offers you, the TTO Director, a good overview of how Search Real Fast will help you:

The unique value of Search Real Fast can be significant in terms of saving money, improving processes and facilitating a better relationship between your researcher and your Technology Transfer Office.

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Search Real Fast also helps patent attorneys!

Most patent attorneys don’t often have the time to do the initial patent search for a client. So, they spend money on third-party services.

Search Real Fast eliminates the third-party time and expense and allows an attorney to offer this initial search quickly and inexpensively.

The following booklet offers more details on how Search Real Fast can help a patent attorney:

How Search Real Fast Can Help the Patent Attorney

The whitepaper below underscores the importance of a patent attorney:

The Top 10 Critical Issues that an Inventor Must Understand about the Patent Process

Our Company

Patents Real Fast LLC (PRF) — now doing business as Search Real Fast — was launched in the fall of 2011 after the research team developed unique patent search technology to help inventors and patent practitioners.

The research effort was initiated by Pete Fenner, President of Lightbus Technologies and Fenner Investments Limited. The research project was directed by Dr. Margaret Dunham, Professor of Computer Science at Southern Methodist University (SMU) and delivered by SMU graduate student, Badhrinath Sampathkumar.

Mr. Fenner has a lengthy background with both patents and the technology search process. He understands how time-consuming and cumbersome the search process can be and considered for some time how to dramatically speed up this process. The research effort led to the launch of this new search enterprise. Now we have expanded Search Real Fast to build custom search queries to numerous technology databases found on the World Wide Web and changed our web domain name to

The following booklet offers more details on the history of Search Real Fast:

The History Behind Search Real Fast

"It used to take me 30 or 40 minutes to do a preliminary patent search on a new project. Now using Search Real Fast (formerly called Patents Real Fast and PRF Query), I can do the preliminary evaluation in about five (5) minutes!" When asked what saved all this time – Search Real Fast keyword extraction and automatic query generation! - Todd Keiller, Director of Intellectual Property & Innovation at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI)

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