An Introduction to the Espacenet CPC Class Search Site

Epacenet makes identifying possible CPC Class assignments for your Invention Idea much easier.

Espacenet CPC  Class Search Site:  Example search for carbon fiber fuel tank

Use our Espacent CPC Class Search database in our Express-V4.5 Patent Search Screens to identify your most likely CPC Classes

  1. “Paste or Type”  your Invention Idea Description into the Express-V4 Search Text Input Box and click ENTER to get your Extracted search Terms displayed in the Keyword Grid.
  2. Choose just 3 or 4  of your Top-level Keywords for your idea – More than 3 or 4-words may not find any CPC Classes.
  3. Click the “Espacenet CPC Class”  Search button and a number of related CPC Classes will display in a separate Espacenet browser tab.
  4. This Espacenet CPC Search screen will highlight your most likely CPC Classes for your selected Keyword Search Terms.
  5. This 5-minute video shows how to use the Espacenet CPC Class Class identification Screen.
  6. The video also shows using Analysis Screen to narrow searches to specific classes after a keyword search.