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These articles are intended to reflect the knowledge, experience and wisdom I have gained as an independent inventor who has searched the internet for technology and legal information for the last 25 years. I am the sole inventor of seven US patents, many filed before the web browser was invented. I write from the perspective of an inventor and businessman who was a plaintiff in seven US Patent litigations from 2004 to 2014, As a result, I have licensed my technology to 18 US Telecommunications manufacturers.

I am not a lawyer and these blogs do not give legal advice. These articles do offer my personal perspective on various technology, patent and legal search issues.

  • New Version of Google Patents is Supported by Search Real Fast

    Search Real Fast is pleased to announce another outstanding addition to our search site library: New Patents.Google.Com Using our site builder template technology, Search Real Fast developed this additional site in response to the new version of Google Patents released by Google in mid-July. The new Google site is now available in the SRF Sites []

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  • How to Refine Your Initial Patent Description

    In a previous blog entry, I offered some suggestions on writing your initial patent description. I offered five initial questions to answer as part of that description. I also offered encouragement to not be overly concerned about the exact language in the initial description as it is designed to simply get your search efforts jump-started. []

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  • House Bill HR.3308 and Senate Bill S.1013 make Patent Trolls Stronger!

    The “loser pays winner’s legal costs” provision of House Bill HR.3309 and Senate Bill S.1013 are proposed to reduce patent abuse and weaken the influence of “patent trolls”.   I believe that these bills do just the opposite and will only strengthen “patent trolls” because individual inventors and even medium sized businesses will be further priced []

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  • How to Easily Write Your Initial Patent Description

    The Search Real Fast booklet, “The First 7 Critical Steps in the Patent Process”,  suggests that your first step should be to create a written description of your idea.  This description can be as simple as a fairly detailed outline of your invention.  It does not need to be a full English prose detailed description… []

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  • File Your Invention Idea As Soon as Possible – the “First to File” System

    First, I want to welcome readers to my new blog. Whether you’re an active inventor, company engineer or a hobby inventor, my hope is that this blog will provide consistent helpful information on your invention ideas and the patent process. Let’s get started with helping you understand the “First to File” system. First, here’s the []

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