Patents Real Fast LLC – DBA Search Real Fast – Security and Access Usage Policies

THE SECURITY OF YOUR INFORMATION AND DATA IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT TO Search Real Fast. If you wish to also view our privacy policy, please click here.

  1. ALL our connections to our web services use secure https protocols. If your web browser does not provide for secure https then you cannot access our services.
  2. ALL OUR WEB SERVICES ARE HOSTED ON OUR SECURE SERVER using a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) hosting service. Inside our VPC, all access to our website and database processing code, files, and data is FURTHER protected by our own Virtual Private Network – VPN.
  3. When each of our Search Site Library’s database URL is created, that URL is filtered through the BrightCloud® Web Classification Service to eliminate websites that do not meet our database site policy and guard against categories that often host malicious content or illegal or objectionable content and activities.
  4. Search Real Fast has three types of Registered  Subscribers – Resellers, Groups and Individual.  When each registered Reseller, Group or Individual buys a subscription for Search Real Fast access, each is assigned a unique user_ID. When a user in a Reseller or Group is registered for individual access, then that individual user is also assigned a user_ID.
  5. Each Search Real Fast service request packet for text processing or logging must submit this user_ID to receive service. Our web browser code automatically provides this information as part of each request packet sent to our Search Real Fast web server.
  6. Each request packet  received by our web server is checked for a validity user_ID before any processing is performed by the server.
  7. PLEASE NOTE THAT :  Any user who do not logon to Search Real Fast website are unregistered users to our web server. When an unregistered user accesses SRF Express Parallel Search services from either a Group, a Reseller or their Authorized Reseller Customer website, all our logging of these SRF Express Parallel Search services are associated ONLY with that Reseller or Group user_ID, not with any individual.
  8. Each user_ID is allocated a maximum time period and maximum number of accesses in that time period. If either is exceeded, the user is sent a message to re-authenticate. Further access by that user_ID is then denied until the user re-authenticates or, if that subscription has expired, buys additional subscription time.
  9. Each access packet from a user_ID is counted and recorded along with the number of server errors each packet experienced.
  10. Search Real Fast does record/save/store/log and associate the user_ID with the user text submitted in each access as well as any of the key words our processing identified in that text.
  11. THE ONLY EXCEPTION TO THIS DATA RECORDING POLICY (#4) IS WHEN THE SUBMITTED request packet has  “text” which CAUSES A SERVER TEXT PROCESSING ERROR! When the web server text processing code experiences an error, we save the text and other identifying information from this packet which caused the error along with its associated user_ID. We use this information to determine the cause of the error, correct the error, prevent future errors, and test future server code for this same condition. When we have corrected the error in the current server code, the user’s user_ID  will be removed from the error record information.
  12. If Search Real Fast receives multiple packets from a particular user_ID causing server processing errors over a short period of time, then that individual registered user_ID will be blocked. A message stating ” the user must re-authenticate with Search Real Fast web site to continue service” will sent to the submitting browser. In addition, an email will be sent to that user’s registered email address informing them of this action, the reason for it, and what the user should do to continue service. If that user is a Reseller user or a Group user, then the Administrator for that Reseller or Group will also be notified by email. Further request packets from this user_ID source will be dropped until the user re-authenticates. These actions are to prevent misbehaving browsers, unauthorized automated access, hackers, or imposters from overloading our server resources and denying our authorized users access to our service.

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