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Quickly see the Important Sentences in your most Relevant Search Results - Use Express-V4.7

Our Premium Google Patents Search & Compare Texts Databases automatically produces Keyword-Scored Sentence Summaries displayed in the order returned from that database.

Each document is summarized by a list of its Original Scored Sentences, in their original order, having Scores greater than the Sentence Score Threshold initially set at 101.

Each sentence Score is the SUM of the Confidence Values for each Keyword, Synonym, and “Concept Phrase” appearing in that Sentence.

Each document’s Total Score is the SUM of its Sentences with Scores above the adjustable Sentence Score Threshold initially set at 101.

By adjusting this Sentence Score Threshold up or down, you decrease or increase the number of Sentences in each document’s Summary, making it easy to read the highest-scoring Sentences and quickly compare them with your Scored Input Text.

Express-V4 Automatic Premium Search and Compare Databases provide significant Benefits over speed-reading multiple Individual Search Results Documents:

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Our Company

Search Real Fast was launched in 2011 after the research team developed unique patent search technology to help inventors and patent practitioners1The research effort was initiated in 2007 by Pete Fenner, President of Lightbus Technologies and Fenner Investments Limited2. The research project was directed by Dr. Margaret Dunham, Professor of Computer Science at Southern Methodist University (SMU) and delivered by SMU graduate student, Badhrinath Sampathkumar in 20083

Since then, Search Real Fast has expanded to build custom search queries to hundreds of technology databases found on the World Wide Web4.

In 2021, Search Real Fast started research into compiling search results texts into CSV files and analyzing that text in spreadsheets5That research led us to introduce Premium Search & Compare database connectors in 20236. These connectors submit either a user’s Input Text or its Extracted Keywords to specific Patent Search databases and downloads the full patent text for each search result into that user’s browser. Then the Express-V4 browser application scores and displays the Important Sentences in each document using the SUM of the confidence values for each keyword appearing in the sentence.

With the introduction of ChatGPT and other Generative AI tools in late 2022,  Patent professionals have tried using these tools to draft or rewrite Patents Descriptions and Patent Claims. This rewriting  of a Patent Description or Claims required  the user to submit a draft of that text.  The Terms of Use for almost all of the initial Generative AI services allow that service to use the  text  and data inputs from their users to further train their large language Models.

According to an article on the National Law Review, generative AI tools like ChatGPT are developed based on large datasets that include publicly available text data, social media posts, and web pages, to generate new content. This can lead to unintended infringement of patents, trademarks, or copyrights1.

Another article on Harvard Business Review states that this process comes with legal risks, including intellectual property infringement. In many cases, it also poses legal questions that are still being resolved.

For Search Real Fast, the major unresolved Patent Law question is if a person posts a draft invention description into a Generative AI model before a Patent Application claiming that invention is filed,  does that amount to Self Publishing that invention? Until this Patent Legal question is resolved, Search Real Fast will not employ any Generative AI service or functions to process any of our users input text and data. 
Our web developers have used and continue to use ChatGPT Coding Copilots to assist them in developing new Python and JavaScript code that performs our new statistical Search & Compare processing for Express-V4.5. None of our current Python or JavaScript code accesses any Generative AI  function or services.


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