Quickly see the Important Sentences in Relevant Patent Results

Quickly Compare up to 100 Google Patents Results Documents with our One-Click automatic Premium Search & Compare Text Database Service

Focus on what matters: Our Premium Search & Compare tools automatically identify and highlights the Most Relevant Sentences in your search results, based on your specific keywords and their importance in your query text description.

Understand quickly: Forget skimming entire documents. We automatically extract Keyword Sentences that express ideas potentially similar to those in your search text, saving you precious time.

More than just keywords: We score sentences with more than just extracted keywords confidence values. You may also add  Synonyms and related “Concept phrases” into our Keyword Grid to increasing your opportunity to identify documents with potentially relevant ideas.

Tired of reading  through irrelevant text? Introducing Search Real Fast Premium Search & Compare Texts: Your needle-finder for your Patent search haystack

Watch this One-Click Premium Search & Compare Database Video to see how quickly our Premium Databases find results:

Paste in Text to see Search Keywords and Automatically Search Google Patents
Express-V4.7 Premium Patent Google Patents Search & Compare Database automatically produces Keyword-Scored Sentence Summaries displayed in the order returned from that database.

Each document is summarized by a list of its Original Scored Sentences, in their original order, each Sentnece having Scores greater than the Sentence Score Threshold initially set at 101.

Each sentence Score is the SUM of the Confidence Values for each Keyword, Synonym, and “Concept Phrase” appearing in that Sentence.

Each document’s Total Score is the SUM of its Sentences with Scores above the adjustable Sentence Score Threshold initially set at 101.

By adjusting this Sentence Score Threshold up or down, you decrease or increase the number of Sentences in each document’s Summary, making it easy to read the highest-scoring Sentences and quickly compare them with your Scored Input Text
Classic Search in action with Premium Google Search & Compare example - 2-2-2024
Classic Express-V4 Databases are our free, browser-based URL Search services that let you search multiple online databases across over 40 Topics of Interest. 

We display each Database’s search results in a separate tab of your browser. You then use that Database’s faceted Search Filters to further refine that Classic Database search. Next, see how you can do Premium one-click Search & Compares with the same query texts.

See Classic Database Patent Search and watch a One-Click Premium Google Patents Search example using those same Keywords!  Try it yourself – Click here!

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