Quickly see the Important Sentences in Relevant Patent Results

Our Premium Automatic Google Patents and PQAI Search & Compare Databases are powerful tools to quickly find your most relevant Search Results Documents

Express-V4 Premium Search & Compare Databases are Automatic Patent Search tools that quickly shows you up to 100 Result Documents containing the highest number of Sentences with Multiples of your Keywords.

All our Premium Search & Compare Texts Databases use Query-Focused Summary Sentences to quickly show you the Top Ranked results documents that contain multiples instances of your Keywords in their Sentences. You click each Document URL row’s DISPLAY button to review its HIGH Scoring Sentences and Compare with your Input Text.

Our Premium Search & Compare feature allows you to see the most relevant patent documents for your query. Unlike other patent search engines, we use a novel method of ranking and summarizing the results based on your input text.

Our method is inspired by the techniques of query-focused, extractive document summarization. This means that we identify the most important sentences in each patent document that match your query. We then display only those sentences that have a high score, which you can adjust using the Sentence Score Threshold slider.

How do we score the sentences? We use our advanced Text Keyword Extraction Process to find the most important keywords in your input text. These are the words that co-occur frequently with other important words in your input text. We show you up to 30 top keywords and their confidence values, which indicate how strongly they are related to your query. You can select the keywords that you want to use for scoring the sentences in the patent documents.

We then calculate the score of each sentence in each patent document by adding up the confidence values of the selected keywords that appear in that sentence. We only count the sentences that have at least two keywords in them. We then rank the patent documents by the total score of their sentences that are above the threshold of 100. This way, you can see the most relevant and concise summaries of the patent documents that match your query.

Express-V4 Classic Databases are the latest versions as of our original URL-Search services and offers the Easiest way for you to Search multiple online Databases using the same Keywords for each Database search.

Classic Express-V4 Databases are free, browser-based URL Search  services that lets you search multiple online database across 40 plus Topics of Interest and see Each Database’s search results in a separate tab of your browser. You may then used that Database’s Search Filters TO FURTHER REFINE YOUR  RESULTS!

To use Express-V4, you just paste your text description into the text box and click ENTER. You will then see the top 30 Confidence Value Keywords extracted from your input text. You should review these Keywords and uncheck acronyms and low Confidence Value words that liekly will not contribute to unique results.

If several versions of the same word appear as separate Keywords, then select one Stemmed Keyword version checkbox and uncheck the individual versions. Express will perform a wildcard search for that stemmed keyword to cover multiple variations.

When you click on the Search button for each database, that  database’s faceted results screen appears in a separate tab in your browser.  

Pasting in a text description of your ideas work better than just a string of search terms, particularly for Search Databases that use Semantic Analysis, Document-Vector, or other Machine Learning AI search technology to identify relevant results documents.

When you paste in just a string of search terms into Express-V4, then our Statistical Keyword Extraction process sees only one sentence. It processes every word in that one sentence keyword string as “Important”, because they all appear together in one sentence with the same covariance! Therefore, a Confidence Value of 100 is assigned to each word. Each Sentence Score becomes just a count of its number of Keywords times 10!


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