Quickly see the Important Sentences in Relevant Patent Results

Our New Automatic Search & Compare Text Databases are powerful tools to help you quickly find the most relevant Search Results Sentences containing your important Keywords!

New Premium Express-V4 Search & Compare Texts are Powerful Automatic Patent Search tools that quickly show you Documents with your Keyword Sentences.


 These Automatic Patent & Technology search tools helps you quickly find the most relevant search results containing multiples instances of your search keywords in many of their sentences.

Each Premium Express Databases automatically searches that selected database, retrieves the full text for each search results document, and then computes the statistically important “Keyword Sentences” in each result document to help you identify those likely related to your input text.

Each sentence in each document is Scored as the Sum of the Confidence Values for the Search Keywords that appears in each sentence.

Each input and results document has a Total Score which is the Sum of its Keyword Sentences with scores over 100. 

You may quickly read the highest-scoring keyword sentences of each search result document and compare them to your input text.

Classic Express Multiple Database Search is a fast and easy way to search multiple online databases using the same Keywords.

 Classic Express is a free, browser-based service that lets you search multiple online database across Fields of Interest and see the search results from each database in separate tabs of your browser.

To use Express-V4, you just need to paste your text description into the text box and click ENTER. You will then see the top 30 Confidence Value Keywords extracted from your input text. You should review these Keywords and uncheck acronyms and possibly some low Confidence Value words.

If several versions of the same word appear as separate Keywords, then select one Stemmed Keyword version checkbox and uncheck the individual versions. Express will perform a wildcard search for that stemmed keyword to cover multiple variations.

When you click on the Search button for each database, that  database’s faceted results screen appears in a separate tab in your browser.  


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