Quickly see the Important Sentences in Relevant Patent Results

Easily Compare up to 100 Search Results Documents from the AI-powered PQAI and Google Patents with our automatic Premium Search & Compare Databases.

Express-V4 Premium Search & Compare Databases are Patent Search tools that quickly show you up to 100 Search Result Documents Ranked by the highest number of Sentences containing Multiples of your Keyword

Feel like you’re searching for needles in a Haystack?

You search a massive database of legal and technical documents for ideas related to your research or invention. You get a hundred of results, and each can be dozens of pages long, with thousands of sentences. What do you do next?

Introducing Premium Search & Compare: Your needle-finder for your Patent search haystack.

Watch this One-Click Premium Search & Compare Database Video example to see how quick and easy our Premium Databases find results:

Introduction to Express-V4.5 NEW Automatic Premium PQAI Search and Compare Jan 30 2024

Express-V4 Classic Databases are the latest versions of our original URL-Search Databases that offers the Easiest way for you to Search multiple online Databases using the same Keywords for each Database search

Classic Express-V4 Databases are our free, browser-based URL Search services that let you search multiple online databases across over 40 Topics of Interest. 

We display each Database’s search results in a separate tab of your browser. You then use that Database’s faceted Search Filters to further refine that Classic Database search. Next, see how you can do Premium one-click Search & Compares with the same query texts.

See a Classic Database Patent Search and watch a One-Click Premium Google Patents Search & Compare example using those same Keywords:

Classic Search in action with Premium Google Search & Compare example - 2-2-2024

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