Deliver Unique Value to Your springshare LibGuides

Use SRF Embedded Parallel US Government Search to expand your Catalog and Discovery Searches

Our SRF Embedded Parallel Search easily integrates with your existing springshare LibGuides pages. Embed SRF Parallel Searches using various US Government Databases – PARTICULARLY those Database that your Catalog and Discovery Services DO NOT index! Your users receive these additional benefits:

  1. Minimizes clicks Users to search multiple databases in each Subject Database list using the same keywords.
  2. Results from EACH Database appear in a separate Browser Tab using that Database’s FACETED SEARCH RESULTS PAGE.
  3. Allows personalized PDF Project Snapshot Reports Users are able to document their search results at any given time.
  4. When CLICKED, the URL links in these PDF SNAPSHOT REPORTS search each database USING THE REPORT’S KEYWORDS and return CURRENT time SEARCH RESULTS!


    Click here to see original SRF Parallel Native Search demo.]