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Paste the Invention Text Description into this box:

Paste the Invention Description text into the SRF QUICKSTART above and click the ENTER  button. This ENTER action automatically extracts Keywords from the Descripton text entered and scores each sentence in that text using the sum of the Keyword Conficenetce Value in each sentence.


Just send the Researcher a custom PDF Snapshot  Report with only the Database or Patents, Keywords, and Revised  Description you select for their Custom Snapshot Report:

  • When a university researcher sends you a brief  “idea description” or an “Invention Disclosure,”  just paste that description text into the QUICKSTART above and click Enter.
  • Our  KEY SENTENCES screen automatically displays your INPUT TEXT with sentences Scored using the Extracted Keyword Confidence Values. Next, Execute the scanned review (Step 4.)  and select a Key Snetenc Threshold (Step 5  to focus the extracted Keywords on the main ideas as shown in the video example to the right.
  • Next, click the SAVE button in the  Key Sentences Tab to extract and display the new keywords for your Condensed  “description”.
  • Then click the Search tab and select just the keywords you want that INVENTOR using for their searches. Then narrow the search results to just the relevant CPC Classes, by using LENS.org Search and Analysis screens to refine your Searches.
  • Next, click “Generate  Snapshot Report”  and enable just one embedded Database web-links for this INVENTOR. Also, paste the LENS.org final screen web-link in the NOTES  text box of this Snapshot Report
  • You may use the Snapshot tab to restore your QUICKSTART  screen display at the time this Snapshot Report was created.  You may change the search keywords, edit the text, and generate a revised Snapshot Report without changing the Snapshot Title and Project Name and incur no added charges.
  • Changing the Project Name or the Snapshot Title starts a New Snapshot Report with an added charge.
  • When your inventor sends you an updated Description, recall that Snapshot PDF Logs Project screen and update it with new text.

Using these steps to search Free Patent Databases, you can quickly get an idea of the market for an invention, identify potential licensees, and determine if the idea is novel and unique enough to file a Patent Application.

14 Steps to perform a “QUICKSTART Commercialization Analysis” from an Invention Description as shown in these two 5-minute videos:

      1. INVENTORS – They file an Invention Disclosure with your Tech Transfer Office.
      2. DISCLOSURE DESCRIPTION – Paste the Invention Description text into this SRF QUICKSTART text box.
      3. KEY SENTENCES – This screen automatically displays your INPUT TEXT with sentences Scored using the Extracted Keyword Confidence Values.
      4. CONDENSE TEXT – Scan low scoring sentences in the left-side Scored Sentence list and use your judgment to select a Sentence Score Threshold that removes the non-essential sentences. This process helps you review the most important sentences and then focus the extracted keywords on the central topic of the input text.
      5. EXTRACT REVISED KEYWORDS – Click SAVE  at the bottom of the right-side Text display to extract new Keywords from this condensed text.
      6. DISPLAY KEYWORDS and DATABASES – Click the Search tab to display these extracted Keywords.
      7. In the KEYWORD list, Use the “All Keywords” checkbox to include all these Keywords in your Searches and Snapshot Report.
      8. INITIAL SEARCHES – Click the SEARCH button for each database you want searched. We recommend LENS.org and Google Patents searches.
      9. If you get many hundreds or thousands of results with 20-keyword selected, then:
        1. This description may not use enough idea-focused, technology-related keywords together in the same sentences.
        2. Try narrowing the results using  one or more kiley CPC Classes for this invention – Use  eSpacent CPC Search to find likely classes.
        3. Send this Project Snapshot Report and Disclosure back to the inventors to refocus their invention description text.
      10. Evaluate Search Results and either continue your evaluation OR sent this PDF Snapshot and Disclosure back to the inventors with instructions to click a Database Search weblink and investigate those search results. Then revise their descriptions to focus on the novelty of their unique invention ideas.
      11. GENERATE a SNAPSHOT REPORT: Use the GENERATE SNAPSHOT REPORT button to create a PDF Snapshot Report. ALL the SEARCH and Keyword/Key Sentence up to this point is FREE.  After November 30, 2020,  SRF charges for Snapshot Reports at $8/Project.  You may recall and refine the text  description and keywords for each Project & Snapshot Title for this one fee.
      12. Enter  specific Patent URL web links into the Snapshot Notes field that you researcher should review.   You can selected NO Search Site Database web-links to be included for this Snapshot to focus your researcher on the specific patents you put inthe NOTES.
      13. SEARCH using SNAPSHOT REPORT:   CLICK on an Active Database Search Web-Links in this SNAPSHOT PDF  to be sure the  DATABASE’s Search Results are what you expect the researcher to see.
      14. ILE PROVISIONAL: Decide to File a Provisional Patent Application on this novel and unique idea.

“WPI students are doing such a good job searching using Search Real Fast; I don’t have to do any preliminary prior-art searching myself for student disclosures!”- Todd Keiller, Director of Office of Technology Commercialization at Worcester Polytechnic Institute -2015.

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SRF QUICKSTART – Steps for Identifying Potential Licensees:



The GENERATE SNAPSHOT REPORT button creates a PDF tab in your Browser with a preview of this Snapshot Report. Each stand-alone SRF PDF Snapshot report contains full-query PDF weblinks that query each selected Patent Database with the Keywords YOU CHOOSE to include in that Snapshot Report.