Expand your LibGuides Effectiveness – Embed our Express-V4.5 application on you web pages

Provide USERS with a quick & simple Embedded Search of Databases listed on your website Libguides but NOT INDEXED by your Catalog or Discovery Service:

New embedded Express-V4.5 – SEE HOW IT WORKS – Paste in up to 5000 words:

Give your users a single screen to single-click search US Government databases listed on your LibGuides including a search of your Discovery Service – ALL using the same search terms!

Our SRF Embedded Parallel Search JavaScript code easily integrates with your existing Spring share Lib Guides pages. Our staff will custom configures the lists of Subjects and Databases for your Library’s specific needs.

Your users receive these additional benefits:

  1. Minimizes the clicks Users need to search multiple databases in each Subject using the same KEYWORDS.
  2. Each Database search is directly queried from each user’s browser using that user’s selected KEYWORDS. Our SRF web server never receives these results!
  3. EACH Database’s results are returned to each user’s Browser directly from that Database and displayed in its FACETED SEARCH RESULTS PAGE to give your user all their options.
  4. Personalized PDF SNAPSHOT REPORTS documents A USER’S search results at any given time.
  5. When you click a Database URL link in a SNAPSHOT REPORT, that Database query URL is sent from that user’s PDF and results appear in that user’s browser.
  6. Each queried Database returns the CURRENT AVAILABLE SEARCH RESULTS back directly to that user’s browser.
  7. Search Real Fast  will build a Custom Search Site connector to  query to search your University’s Library Discovery service using the Express-V4.5 using the user selected search terms in our Keyword Display Grid.