Save Time – Simutaineously Seach Multiple US State & Federal Government Databases

QUICKSTART – Choose a Field and Paste in up to 5000 words and ENTER and use your Important Keywords to Parallel Search:

Many of these Government databases are updated constantly with new and important information that could be critical to your business efforts.

See how our simple Express Parallel Search SAVES YOU TIME and Minimizes your clicks

  • Search in Multiple Patents and Technology web Databases using the same keywords.
  • “Key Sentences” screen shows your entered text’s sentences Scored using Important Words – “Keywords” – to focus on main ideas!
  • Search results from EACH Database appear in a separate Browser Tab using that Database’s FACETED SEARCH RESULTS PAGE.
  • Compare two text documents in our Results Analysis tab where you interactively summarize either document to highlight and compare their important sentences.
  • Produce your personalized PDF Project Snapshot Reports to document your search results at any given time.
  • Stay CURRENT – Clink on the Active web links in our PDF SNAPSHOT to send a query directly to each database USING THE REPORT’S KEYWORDS and returns the CURRENT SEARCH RESULTS!
  • Read more about how to find US Government information.

    Accelerate your Search Beyond Google to find US Government Information

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